Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Resolutions for 2009

1.) I want to do everything I can to better myself as a child of the King.
- read my bible more
- pray more

2.) I want to be a better wife.

3.) I want to be more compassionate.

4.) I want to learn how to give more of my problems over to the Lord.

5.) I want to loose the weight I have gained due to my disease.

6.) I want to finish my next semester of college (starts in Jan).

7.) I want to be able to pass the national exam to become an EMT (after my next semester).

8.) I want to start planning (by the end of the year) to extend our family.
- I want to stop thinking about if I can get prego. When the doc tells you your already at 50/50 its hard to not think "lets start trying now". I know that if God wants us to have our own baby we will, and if we can't then I hope to have the understanding that God wants us to raise someone Else's child in a christian home (which we are completely open to adoption).

9.) I want to be a stay at home wife (Jenny I admire you for this one) and to only work about one day a week as an EMT before we have a child (but if a child comes sooner than planned we will be completely HAPPY) :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Where are you.......


You have been missing for sometime now... I understand that you don't care much for your job, but you are very important to me. I know I don't give you enough credit and for that I am sorry. I will try to do better. From now on when I talk about how great Ms. Camera is, I will make sure to mention you as well. So will you come out of hiding........ PLEASE! I have looked high and low for you for about two months. I mean come on.... I understand you are a *tad* bit upset that Ms. New Camera has all the fun and you get crammed in some cold dark case until her energy has been depleted... then I expect you to come out of such cave and get your job done with no questions asked and not even so much as a thank you. Again, I'm sorry! So what about now, will you show yourself? Ms. Camera has an important job to do. Next week we will all be venturing to Disney World, if you will just come out of your wonderful hiding place. So what do you say???

OK so sweet talk didn't work...... bribing you with a wonderful trip didn't work...... I will be forced to play hard ball with you..... negotiations are over.................!

If you don't come out right this instant you will be replaced.... and I mean REPLACED, as in you will be out of a job and Ms. Camera will have a new companion! So what do you say now?

Oh there you are..... whats that you were not hiding?
Just misplaced?
You mean I put you there?
When we were at camp a few months back?
Well then, I am double sorry......
I will (try) not to loose you again ;)

Since I did not have my camera bag with me at the fall retreat.... I put my wonderful oh so helpful friend in my book bag that I used as my catch all bag (it has pens, paper, first aid kit, etc....)..... so yes Mrs. Camera you can blame me for your loneliness for the past few months..... but you can also be glad that I have returned your friend to you. *aaahhhhh.... its nice to once again take pictures.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Who needs a fish tank?

My mom sent me her 20 gal fish tank so I moved the seababies into a bigger home. They are greatful. Sticks, the sea urchin, is happy to have more room to roam. But this leaves me with a lonely 10 gal tank that needs a home. It is longing for water...... any takers. The tank (less than a year old) has a filter that is in great shape and I have a heater thats only a few months old. I used this tank for saltwater but it can be used for fresh water as well. This tank is great for beginners or those with small kids..... if you want to set it up as saltwater I will be more than happy to help and show you everything you will need. Any takers???ONLY $15 (the heater alone is $12.00 new).

Monday, December 8, 2008

Things about me.....

I was tagged by Jenny Maddox.

8 Shows That I Watch:- Jon & Kate Plus Eight (TLC), Whale Wars (Animal Planet), Storm Chasers (Discovery), Makeover home edition (CMT), Peoples Court, Judge Mathis (we watch these last two shows on our lunch break), 17 Kids and Counting (TLC), Anything on the Food Network or HGTV.

8 Favorite Restaurants:- Olive Garden, Shogun (for special occasions), Ding How, McAlisters, Chick-fil-a, Tend-a-Chick, Tropical Smoothie (its a healthier place to eat in the new Target shopping center and it has wonderful smoothies), Marchells (I think I spelled it right)

8 Things I did this weekend/week:- Leave for work at 6:40 am 4 days a week, Went to Wednesday bible class (I was teaching little ones the last quarter), Went to GA for a quick visit with Kristy, Brian, and Helen (and had a great time helping Kristy put up her Christmas tree), witnessed the baptism of one of our precious teenagers, heard of the baptism of another one of our wonderful teens, after waiting over a week I was finally able to put my sea babies in their new home (my mom sent me a bigger fish tank and stand that she was no longer using and you have to let the tank run for over a week before you can put your animals in it), got two amazing from the heart gifts from two special people (Lynne G. gave me one of her very own ornaments that she said reminded her of me when she got it out this year- it is one big seashell with other smaller sea shells and pearls on it and it reminds me of home! Jenny M- gave me a handcrafted ornament- it was a clear ball and it had a pink G on it with green polka dots... its was girlie and I loved it! Thank you for my treasured gifts!), we had the Maddox's over for dinner and I loved having them over and playing cars with the boys!

8 Things I Look Forward To:- Heaven, having children in our home, Disney World at Christmas time, being able to stay at home in the (hopefully) near future, when I get to stay at home I want to be able to be involved in the lives of the younger kids at church more and planning things for them, finishing school, paying off my car, Spending the rest of my life with the most amazing man on earth!

8 Things On My Wish List:- To be able to get pregnant in the future, to learn how to better deal with the many symptoms that come along with my disease, to be a better wife and daughter, to be able to home school our kids, to be a foster parent later on in life, to adopt a child in need, to show others Gods love just has my husband helped show me, to be open for the plan God has for my life and to succeed in that plan!

There are my 8 things and now I would like to tag:everyone that reads my blog.... just leave me a comment so I can be sure to read your list!

Friday, December 5, 2008


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Another GREAT month.....


Partylite Specials-
~Buy one item at regular price and you get to pick one each of the items from the GIFT GUIDE= product already marked 60% off. (I can send you the flyer via email if you would like to see the product picture and costs from the Gift Guide.)
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Let me know if you have a question about candle colors and/scents or if you need to see a catalog! I will be placing an order on Tuesday Dec. 9, 2008! I also have a party on the 15 of Dec. if you would like to order then as well. These orders will be back before Christmas!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Partylite Holiday Open House

Im having an open house Saturday Nov. 22 its a come and go between 5 and 8 pm. Scroll down to my post with the invites that I made. It will give you more details about the open house and how you can get FREE tickets for the Partylite drawing!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Here's the map dot that I'm from.... Orange Beach, Alabama!

I lived on the Bay that is on the bottom left corner of the Island.

This was the view only a 1/2 a mile from my house.

Where we swam in these in high school...... Even if we didn't know anyone who lived at that condo or hotel..... lol :)

Doing this was a way of life......

And to do some real fishing you had to have a real boat... this is a picture of a local deep sea fishing boat... my grandfather and step dads boat was a few feet smaller than this one. They have since gotten rid of it but my step dad bought another one that he is in the process of completely upgrading! I will be so excited to do some more deep sea fishing!

You looked forward to this event every year.... and you always stood in line for a Cajun pistol (it was a BIG roll that was filled with a cream sauce and seafood)!

Food vendors and people from all over came to set up their inventory! Handmade crafts, jewelry, clothes, live entertainment and all kinds of stuff filled the city beach parking lot for a weekend of food, fun, and shopping.

The boat races started a few years ago and attracted lots of fans about once a year.

Hurricane IVAN came through my senior year of high school and left us with this....

which was a 1/4 of a mile from my house (which was flooded b/c we lived on the water). We had a marina down our road and we ended up with 1/2 of their piers, trees, a small boat, swimwear shoes and souvenirs from a local Surf Style (across the bay), along with personal items that came from peoples homes. We stayed in Foley Alabama a few miles up the road from Gulf Shores and when the eye of the storm passed over the building we were staying in we had just enough time to step outside and see the stars and check on our vehicles before the rest of the storm plowed through. When it was all said and done it was a few days before we were allowed back to our house because the roads were flooded (or washed away) trees, power lines, boats and debris blocked the roads, and the city was doing an assessment of the damage. Once our zone (you have a sticker on your car to tell them what zone you live in on the island) could come back in it was sickening to see. When we go to our house it was heartbreaking! My room was on the bottom floor of the house which was flooded! We only had several inches of water (which is just enough to ruin sheet rock furniture, carpet, stuff in you closet, etc) but it was better than our neighbors that had several feet of water! The water and debris stunk so bad we had to open all the windows and doors and rip everything out. At night we ate MRE's (military food) and went to bed to the sound of generators in our neighborhood b/c you had to leave all your windows open. It was a while before we had electricity and phones but things like cable didn't come for months (unless you had satellite cable which we switched over to). Some people at school were without a home for months and had to live with friends and family. It took about two years for the city to really recover and this past summer was the first completely normal summer the island had seen since Ivan. My parents moved not long later. They moved off the island on the other side of the bay.

Usually the BIG gators were in the middle of the island on the state reservation land (the land was a little swampy) and sometimes you would find little ones in the back yard usually in the canal that we lived on. But this one (along with others) escaped from the zoo during the hurricane. He was found by a police man that was driving a little boat up Hwy 59.... and yes I said driving a boat up the road. Remember the roads and yards were flooded for several days.

The water line is actually almost a mile up the road from where the beach is.

This is all you saw down the beach front for about 6 months and then one by one they started tearing them down.

This was at the entrance of the road I live on and I'm pretty sure it was one of the boats my step dad and his crew helped recover. If you look to the right of that car you will see that their is still water on the road a few days later. That is a four lane rd and we had to take turns using one lane for about a week to a week and a half. And even about 10 months after the hurricane when it would rain roads and yards would flood b/c the storm drains were still stoped up with debris.

We saw these for days and military blocked of roads and entrances so only those that had a zone sticker could enter their road. This way people were not driving all over the city and this kept down the looting. Also, it kept people from going back to their house if it had not been cleared by the city.

This was only about a 1/2 a mile from my house.
This was a road between Orange Beach and Gulf Shores. It was the road I drove on at least once a day. You can see the tops of building covered by the water. This was the day after the hurricane and those are two story motel unity on the state park beach.

This was a storm that will always be remembered.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Tired of Your Mortgage Payment?

Eric and I will pay off our house in less than 10 years, and we are going to do it without refinancing our house or changing are current standard of living. If you are interested in learning how to do the same thing, get in touch with Eric (334-430-3262) or visit his website at I promise that you will not regret contacting him or visiting his website. We thought it was too good to be true, but it's not! In fact, his parents will pay their house off in under 5 years! If you have a mortgage or any kind of debt (credit cards, auto loans, etc.), you need to hear & learn more about this. Check it out.

Friday, November 7, 2008

well hello there....

my long lost friends! I got sick last Friday with a sinus infection and an ear infection. Can we say YUCK! I felt tired last Friday but by the time I woke up Saturday I felt like I had been run over by a mac truck! Through out the day I wondered if that truck would come back and just put me out of my misery.... but no luck. I laid on the couch in between helping Eric get the last of the carpet up.... and eventually I fell asleep. I slept most of the afternoon and that night I had to get myself up and put just enough makeup on and brush my hair so I didn't look like death before going to our Church's Trunk-or-Treat. When I got their I realized that I was in charge of the BIG inflatable jumpy thing (and no I was not contagious for those of you who had kids that stuck by my side most of the night waiting their turn in the jumpy thing). I had fun but by the time it was over and we helped clean up.... I was ready for bed once again! On Sunday Eric parents were at church and we had fun visiting with them at lunch. This week has been a little bit of a blur..... we have taken Halloween decorations down, moved furniture, cleaned a house, cleaned our own house, I cooked soup for a ladies night, and my cough is still around, oh and we are remodeling our counter tops in our kitchen (a simple and very inexpensive project that makes a world of difference until we can save up for new ones), and I painted 4 kitchen cabinet doors (2 of the doors have been feeling left out for some time now, when Eric painted our cabinets several months back he completely forgot about the ones over the stove. They now feel like part of the family and they are happy with their new look. The other 2 cabinets- well lets just say they were a make over gone wrong... kinda like a really bad hair cut. I tried to put some glaze on them and make them look antique..... well oil base glaze is goopy and it just doesn't look right.... so those poor things were the center of the funny looks and I finally covered up the goopy glaze with some plain white..... ) and this weekend we are going to a pancake breakfast for one of the teens and we are having company over for the football game. I'm also planning a PARTYLITE OPEN HOUSE! Check out the next post for details.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

You're Invited!

Sidenote- I realized today that I mentioned nothing about puting my pretty invite on your page. So Im a bad blogger..... sorry! If you put my invite on a post on your page and refrence my blog you will get 1 ticket.... just make sure to let me know when you have done this! (So you can be entered even if you dont come or purchase..... although I would love to see you!)
I also realized that you can't see any of the WONDERFUL details on card number 2..... so shoot me..... at least I'm trying. If you want those details email me and I will send them to you. Trust me.... you want these details on how to get any item in the catalog at half price when you purchase $40.00 in product!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Another blogger drawing

Click here to enter in a drawing for a great decorating magazine.

What girl doesn't need a magazine.... so go on and check it out.

Friday, October 17, 2008


Visit the reluctant entertainers blog (to the right of my page) and enter to win a great gift. She has even been gracious enough to include some home made goodies!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Keep On Keeping On!

When you feel discouraged and like no one understands just remember that their is always someone who went through the exact same thing.... Jesus Christ! He walked on this earth and went through the same things we do.... do you think he was hurt or even felt discouraged? SURE he did! But he knew he had a purpose and he didn't let anything get in that way!

Sometimes we come across people who are hurting so much on the inside that they want to bring others down with them. They want to gossip and turn others against people for no reason other than the fact that it makes them feel better. These kinds of people upset me. I don't like to see others hurt especially for no reason..... and I don't like to hurt..... especially for no reason. But I have to pray for the strength to see past these hateful things that people do and try to love them anyways. Just as Jesus Christ loves each and everyone of us while we are still sinners. Do you have those people in your life that discourage you and make you feel so little? Do they talk about people for no reason and cause unnecessary drama? All I can say is LOVE them.... I have struggled so many times in the past because I would rather avoid the situation and even the person instead of dealing with the problem. I feel like if I never deal with it it will go away and that it wont hurt so bad, if I just pretend like it didn't hurt me maybe I will convince myself that it didn't hurt after all..... but instead it makes it worse. The bible tells us if we have a problem with our brother we should go to them.... and if we don't we are just as wrong as they are. We should be a light to the world and as Christians we are called to be set apart form the world. People should see our "christian light" and want to know about Jesus and what he has done for you and me. Instead, with this hateful behavior people can be turned off to the christian life. God never gives you something that you can't handle. He always leaves for you a way of escape. Showing love in the hardest of times, to someone who is hurting so badly that they want to in turn hurt others, may be a gift that the Lord has blessed you with. If it's not a gift that you already have then pray to God for love in your heart so much that it runneth over into the lives of others. So I say to you.... have you been discouraged or hurt? Why don't you just LOVE them and KEEP ON KEEPING ON!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Can I sleep for the next 24 hrs?

Friday night was fun but after a long week staying up till 5 am Saturday was hard..... but it was done. The girls came over and we watched a movie and we met the guys for IHOP at 12:30 am and we left about 2:15 am.... we had great service for having almost 30 kids with us. Even though we had two boys that were in a race to eat all the sugar packets we still had a great time.... at least they were boys doing that and that meant I didn't have to deal with their sugar high (Eric did lol). And what a girls night without pulling a little prank on the boys. One of the guys that graduated last year went to help Eric and hang out.... needless to say his car was a good target..... we sorta kinda suran wrapped his car doors shut....(disclaimer: this is something fun to do that causes no harm to the car). Then around 5 am the girls feel asleep and I was waking them up at 7:30..... Eric came home and we cleaned up and took a nap. IT WAS NOT ENOUGH! I could sleep for the next 24 hrs! All in all we had a great weekend and I hope you did too!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Preperation for girls night....

We cleaned the house -just don't look in the office ;)
~Last night....
Made homemade chex mix with candy corn
Dipped about 4 dozen pretzel rods in orange colored white chocolate
Toasted pumpkin seeds
~On my lunch break......
Baked about 4 dozen cookies
~This afternoon
Make white chocolate popcorn balls
Make lemonade
Make tea

~And in the midst of all of this I made 2 pumpkin pies last night and get this.... Hubby and I don't eat pumpkin pies! lol I know they are a holiday favorite among many and I thought it would be good to try my hand at it.... and I'm not talking partially homemade... I'm talking all the way from an orange pumpkin on my counter to a warm pie in my oven kind of pumpkin pie. And since I can't eat it and Hubby doesn't care much for it.... I brought one to the Doc I work for and another to the lady that owns a fitness center next door. Just don't tell her how much sugar is in that thing ok? ;) I wanted a true opinion and I knew I would get honesty from these two. They said they loved it! The Doc ate almost half of a pie this morning by himself... I may have to make another one so his lovely wife can try it. So apparently I can make a pretty good pumpkin pie... humph.

Is their something that you don't care much for but you still make it for others?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Friday is almost here....

AND I CAN'T WAIT! I get to spend time with my girls! In case you have no clue what I'm talking about..... the youth group girlies will be at my house Friday night for a sleep over! YAY! The last sleep over I had my house was transformed into a spa.... were the girls got facials, manicures,and pedicures..... but I'm going for something a little more low key this time...... we have been super busy but I knew if I kept it simple then a girls night could be done. So I am going home this afternoon to finish cleaning my house and making some Halloween goodies (I will make sure to post pics this weekend) I'm thinking spiderweb cookies and maybe pumpkin cupcakes. I only have to do a few snacks. To keep it simple Eric suggested them getting to the house about 9 pm, after the football game and after dinner (so I wouldn't have to worry about cooking "real food") and we are taking them to eat between 12 & 1 am. So all I have to do is provide the house, a few snacks, and a movie.... they will do the rest..... TRUST ME! :) Eric will also be doing a guys night at the church and they are going to be playing games. DID I MENTION I CAN'T WAIT FOR FRIDAY..... well I'm getting off work at noon and it off to the grocery store for me. I hope you guys have a great weekend!

Friday, October 3, 2008

~ About ME~

7 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die

1. Become a better and stronger Christian each and everyday!
2. Go on a mission trip out of the country
3. Be comfortable holding bible studies with others and do them all the time
4. Have children
5. Be a season ticket holder for THE ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE (football)
6. Go to N.Y. and see a play
7. Become a paramedic so I can make a difference in peoples lives!

7 Things I Do Now

1. Spend time with the Youth Group
2. Sit and watch a bowl of water (that's what hubby calls my saltwater tank)
3. Love on our babies (our dogs) and talk to them like they understand me lol
4. Remodeling my home
5. sell partylite (I love burning candles in my home all the time)
6. Work in a doctors office

7 Things I Can't Do

1. Cut grass (I have just never done this. I do other yard work like trim hedges and pull weeds)
2. Not get my feeling hurt
3. Control my OCD all the time
4. Understand how people can be so hateful and rude and lie
5. Whistle
6. Sing -I love to sing and wish I could but unfortunately when I try ..... :(
7. Drive past a homeless person (someone who really looks like they need help) and not try to do something for them.

7 Things That Attract Me To My Hubby

He has a strong christian faith
He is a servant to others
His personality & compassion
His simplicity taht makes him so complex
His eyes
He knows how to have fun

7 Things That I Say Most

2. Huh?
3. I don't know? ~I say this sometimes when people ask me about something we are doing with the kids b/c my hubby is a little forgetful and doesn't remember to tell me or he changes the times of things and doesn't tell me ;)
4. Sure ~ I will volunteer for most anything.
5. How are you today? ~When I greet each of the patients when they walk in.
6. What day woul dyou like to come back on ___ or ____?~ When I check each patient out.
7. Millbrook Family Chiropractic, this is Haley, how can I help you? ~ I say this so much when I answer the phone at work that I have to remind myself not to say it when I answer at home.... sometimes I forget though.... lol

7 Celebrities That I Admire

Any of them that can be a celebrity and still be a good person.... and any of them that have good clean movies..... (Im not good with celebrity names off the top of my head....)

7 Favorite Foods

1. Hamburger helper
2. Poppyseed chicken casseroll
3. Just about anything pasta
5. Cheese cake
6. Homemade smashed potatoes
7. SUSHI (I could eat it all day everyday!)

7 People Who Need To Do This
Everyone! Just let me know when you are finished so I will be sure and check it out!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Where did my weekend go?!?

Eric and I had planned to go to Macon, GA Friday night after work. However, the doctor I work for called bright and early and said he was sick..... Yuckie (I have had this mess for a week now!). So I got up and headed to the office to call the patients. Needless to say I went home around 9 am and got some things done around the house and we were off to GA early, which was really nice to get to take our time and eat dinner at a sit down place instead of from the drive thru! Oh yeah.... I forgot to tell you guys why we were headed to Macon. Because of Hubby's great speaking skills (can you tell I'm a little partial or what?) he was asked to speak at a youth rally. We didn't take any kids.... we asked them but lately we have been so busy most of them just wanted to stay at home (and I don't blame them.... we have a lot coming up soon too) so Eric and I took the opportunity to go by ourselves. It was an uplifting weekend with great speakers and wonderful singing! We stayed with the youth minister and his wife! The boys chatted a few minutes on Friday night but Laura and I stayed up till 2:30 chatting away! I love getting to spend time with another YM wife. Without even knowing each other we already had so much to talk about and quickly became friends! God knew I needed this little blessing and he sends them at just the right time.... as he did a few months ago when he sent another WM wife my way when I felt I had hit bottom..... we were supposed to leave after lunch on Saturday but I asked Eric if we could stay a little longer so I could hear Laura teach the girls class.... he was happy that she and I had clicked so well.... he said ok! She did a great job with her lesson and she even gave me her outline in case I wanted to use any of the information later on! How nice was that?!? Then we packed in the clown mobile (my aunt calls Hubbys car this because its so little compared to "The Burb" my mom drives lol) and headed back home. We made a pit stop at Hubbys parents house so we could eat dinner with them. His Dads birthday was last week and so we celebrated with them Saturday night! It was nice to see them and to get to spend time with his dad for his birthday. Sunday was very busy for me! We had church and then we grabbed a bite to eat for lunch and then I was doing a Partylite show for a lady at our church. it was from 2-4 and I left around 4:40 so I could get to church in time to have a girls class. Eric and I are each teaching a Lads-to-Leaders class. He of course has the guys and I have the girls..... the book for the girls is called gifts and the boys have one called guard. Each time we meet we go over the chapter (that they should have read) and we answer some questions together. They then have to pick 3 projects to do from the end of the chapter to be turned in at the next meeting. I also had a gifts 2 meeting after church. Then on the way home Eric's car just wasn't in the mood to make it home (I guess he wanted a break b/c of all the traveling he has done over the last few months). For those of you that have not seen Hubbys car..... he has a 2000 and something model Ford Focus. So this thing should not be giving us any tude, as in ATTI-TUDE! Needless to say that thing is out of commission today and it is driving hubby nuts! So when we got home from church last night we loaded up in the Nissan and went to eat. Made it home with enough time to relax on the couch....... before bed. Then I woke up this morning with a soar throat....still............. I feel fine its just my throat that is having the problem! All in all it was a busy but good weekend......... oh yeah.... for those of you that know The Maddox family listed on my side bar on the right.... they were in an accident this weekend. They are all ok with the exception of some bruises. Please pray that they find a car soon and to thank God for keeping them safe. By the looks of the pictures you wouldn't believe that a few bruises was all they have. How was your weekend?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Blog on sista!

That's what you guys have been telling me and that's what I'm going to do! Pictures or no pictures you guys get to read about our craaaazzzyyyyy life! Starting with the post below! If you haven't checked out my post...... "What I want to be when I grow up" take a look at it now!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What I want to be when I grow up!

Eric and I went yesterday to get all the paperwork I needed to start back to school in January! YAY! I'm so excited and a little scared too! I will be entering an EMT/Paramedic program at a school in Montgomery..... night classes here I come...... I have about a year maybe a year and a half until I complete the paramedic courses. I was so excited that Eric and I stopped by Books a Million last night on our way home so I could get a book to start reviewing. I picked out a book that has questions with multiple choice answers and on the back of the page it gives the right answer with and explanation. I was surprised at how many that I knew already (I was at one time certified as a first responder). I have already made arrangements to borrow an anatomy book, until I start class and get my own, so I can start learning all the necessary body parts and functions.... I know you may be thinking to yourself..... over achiever.... but trust me, I'm usually not like this...... I am just so excited and want to be ahead of the game when classes start! Also, this book was made as a study guide for the national exam (so I will get much use out of it when test time comes).You guys have no idea how excited I am to be going back to school and to be taking these classes. I love helping people and this will be a dream job for me! Well, maybe everyday wont be a dream but I know helping people in this way will give me great satisfaction in what I will be doing!

Friday, September 19, 2008


Visit this website if you want to be entered to win her giveaway!

She is doing a wonderful tip guide to saving money at the grocery store!

The past two weeks....

I know you guys think Im horrible with this thing but but but.... ok maybe I am horrible..... but I am trying. Does that count? lol But here is my defence..... tell me if its a good one or not.... by the time I get off work at 6pm, get home, cook dinner, clean up, sit down with my hubby for about 30 minutes its time for bed.... and my weekends have been filled up lately. Trust me If I could be a devoted blogger I would blog my morning away while sitting on my deck by the pool sipping my Starbucks and listening to the birds..... aahhhh that would be the life..... then I snap back into reality and realize that all of you guys are busy too and still you all manage to do updates once a day.... I don't have kids so once a day would be a stretch for me to blog anyways but I do want to be better..... So here is my solution and I will leave you guys with a question...

I love that most of you guys include some sort of photo most every time you blog..... and I love love LOVE photos!!!!! I want to include them when I blog to but I can't upload the pics at work and I'm not taking away the little bit of time I have with my hubby at night to upload them..... so whats a girls to do? I feel like I cant do a post without some photos and since I don't always have time to upload them... my posts are few and far between. Do you guys like reading blogs without photos? Am I stressing the whole photo thing? If you guys will still be interested in my boring life without the photos then I may be able to put my OCD to the side and blog with out the photos..... you tell me?

Monday, September 8, 2008


I love being a DIY-er! As most of you know my hubby and I have remodeled one bathroom in our house and have started on another...... we are bout 3/4 of the way done! YAY! I need to paint my cabinets and get a new counter top and sink (which we can hopefully buy at the end of the month) we already have the faucet. We need to put up beadboard on the walls and lay down the tile (which we have already bought)! I will revamp my existing light I think.... nothing a little brushed nickel (to match my fixtures) spray paint can't fix. I think I may keep my eye out for some new globes to put in the light fixture.... if I can find them at the right price ;). So the next few things will just happen little by little over the next few weeks (as we get money). I am looking forward to the finished product!

We also decided on Saturday to start a FREE DIY project (well at least the part we did on Saturday is free). We ripped up carpet in the living room and will finish the rooms on tuesday. The hardwood floors are so gorgeous! Who would ever want to cover them up? When we are finished witht he bathroom at the end of the month we will sand down these floors and satin them a little darker.

Most of you don't know this but Eric and I were having a house built for us before we moved here. When we moved I was a little disappointed that I wasn't going to get my new-never lived in home. But this old house hasn't dissappointed me yet! We have had a few speed bumps but uncovering this treasure has been so fun!

OH Yeah and for those of you that love to mistreat things...... lol I did my first and second mistreatment all in the same afternoon.... I took pics but yeah you guessed it.... Im a slacker at uploading them..... hey Im a busy girl!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Braving the storm.....

We went home this weekend (to Gulf Shores) and we rode out Hurricane Gustav with my parents. A month or so back Eric's brother asked if we wanted to vacation with them in Orange Beach. Of course we said YES! It was a great opportunity to spend time with them and to see my family as well. We got up on Saturday to be greeted by Helen. She was so excited to wim in the wimmin poo.... so we got ready and headed down to the beach. Kristy and I made sand castles and took advantage of the great opportunity for a photo shoot. Helen was a great subject! For lunch we ate at our favorite place and then for dinner we headed to my parents house for a shrimp boil.... my step dad is the king of shrimp boils! We had a great time with our family. Sunday we worshiped in Gulf Shores (where Eric and I attended before moving to prattville) and we had a shortened service so that members could make plans for the storm. Some families still needed to board up windows and prepare their yards..... We on the other hand went to Lulu's to eat lunch and watched as the coast guards and other also prepared for the storm. They had mandatory evacuations for Gulf Shores (only the families taht lived on the island) but since we were staying in Orange Beach we were fine. Eric brother and his family decided to pack up and leave that afternoon.... fearing that with the storm surge they could be trapped for a few days. We on the other hand took our time and made it to my parents house that afternoon. We grilled hamburgers and visited and had a great time. Eric and I woke up about 3:30 am Monday morning from the storm. We watched the news to find that we had tornando warnings (or watches... it was really early so I don't really remmeber which one it was). Then we went back to bed and sleep in a little bit. We got up and decided to be bumbs (with the rest of my family) and lay around and watch movies until about 4:00. Then we packed up and headed home. We were in a lot of rain as we left and to keep from getting really worried I took the oportunity to get some more rest :) ! Eric and I finished up our vacay with dinner and a movie tonight. On the way home my hubby said, "well we can add another hurricane to our check list.... we rode another one out." Yes, Yes we did and I'm glad we are all safe! I have had some bad experiences with hurricanes since I grew up on the beach, and while my heart goes out to those that have been affected by the storm I'm glad I am still alive and well with the rest of my family and that I can say..... "We made it through another storm"! As we rush through our busy week remember to pray for those who have been affected by this storm. I know how it feels to have your home damaged and to have to pick up some of the pieces and go on with your life. I know how it feels to be affected by a storm that is so powerful....and I know how after the storm to thank God for everything he has given us.... for we never know when we will have it taken away!

Pictures will come soon! I hope you have a great Labor day!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Summertime part...........................3!

Here are some more pictures of our vacation......... these are from the aquarium in Chattanooga!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

6 Random Things

I was tagged by my new found friend Susan......

6 Random things about me..... hmmmmmm

1.) I'm actually really shy.... and my hubby is my security blanket. When we are in large crowds it is best that I can at least see him (even if its at a distance).

2.) I am OCD about the weirdest things..... When taking notes I write all scribbly and usually in short hand (then I go back and write it all over again in the proper note taking way.... which helped me study in college).... this is actually the most normal of my OCD. My hubby points some of them out on a regular basis, I just cant think of any good ones right now.

3.) When people find out that I grew up at the beach they think I'm one way and are surprised to hear that mud riding and visiting the hunting camp are a way of life for this southern girl. (disclaimer: I like the hunting camp not hunting.... I have only dove hunted once and I don't mind that but killing a cute deer is something I cant do.... I enjoy others hunting and all the cool gear... and I do own camo.... which is fun to wear....)

4.) I enjoyed growing up at the beach..... I love boats and fishing (even though I didn't do it as much as I would have liked).

5.) I have delegation issues..... (which you could also call control issues). I'm the girl that likes to do it all herself. Even though it's exhausting! I have gotten better at delegating but my hubby says I have a lot to learn.... he is a great delegater (but I think most men are lol). I just like the security of knowing that if I do it everything will match and so on....

6.) I started college my senior year of high school..... yeah I know you are thinking ....... WHAT A NERD! My senior year I went to high school half a day and to the community college up the road half a day..... but guess what.... college teachers don't want to be at school 5 days a week so we only went like 2 or 3 days and well the beach was just a mile down the road for those other few days.... lol So NERD... no way.....

I tag....
Brandi Gray

Have fun..... and leave me a comment to let me know when you are done!

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Summer time part 2!

As part of our vacay this year we went on a youth ministers family retreat..... and let me tell you..... FUN was had by all! Here is a pic of my hubby warming up for a game of beach volleyball.

This is the back porch that overlooked the lake.... we enjoyed sitting out here each night and talking before we went to bed......

On Saturday we had a class in the morning and then we had free time.... we played beach volleyball and then we had fun on the water.... the men played for about 1 1/2 hrs on the BLOB! The women sat on the pier and swam while we watched our men act like kids again.....

Donnie is in charge of this great event and with the help of so many volunteers these few days were so much fun for all the families!

Here is a picture of the group after we returned from dinner..... we ate at a very nice restaurant on the lake our last night there. We learned a lot from Mr. & Mrs. Battles over these few days as well as from others and we had plenty of time to relax and to spend time with other families after a long hard summer! We hope to have more families join us next year!

And here is a sneak peak at our next destination........ Chattanooga!
This is a fountain that was inhabited by many small creatures (that resembled kids) on this warm day...... This fountain was park of an amazing park..... just behind us was a wide open field next to the water. We saw people having picnics, playing soccer, reading, and tossing a frisbee.

On Saturday we visited the aquarium.... and we found this creature......

I was on a roll last night (I had a Coke at dinner and wasn't ready for bed) and so proud of myself for sitting down and uploading pics..... then of course wouldn't you know it.... blogger started acting up..... so these few pics of Chattanooga will have to do till I can get to the rest.......

Friday, August 15, 2008

Whats been going on this summer.....Part 1

On Thursday nights during the summer we had bible studies at our house for the teens.... and after that they went out back and played water polo...... well its a form of water polo (I think lol).

Here are my two babies looking on as the crazy kids play water polo.

We have a monthly devo and the Browns were so kind and opened their home for us!

Here are some pictures Eric and I took with my youngest sister Maggie while she was visiting with us for a week this summer!

Our nephew turned the BIG 3 this summer!

I also put together a Baby shower for this wonderful mother-to-be!

I made this cake for a girls night at my house a few weeks ago. Every other Tuesday night the girls get together while the guys play "ultimate frisbee"! It doesn't look all that pretty but is sure tasted good!

Up next...... our vacay to childrens harbor (youth ministers family retreat) and to Chattanooga!