Friday, October 10, 2008

Preperation for girls night....

We cleaned the house -just don't look in the office ;)
~Last night....
Made homemade chex mix with candy corn
Dipped about 4 dozen pretzel rods in orange colored white chocolate
Toasted pumpkin seeds
~On my lunch break......
Baked about 4 dozen cookies
~This afternoon
Make white chocolate popcorn balls
Make lemonade
Make tea

~And in the midst of all of this I made 2 pumpkin pies last night and get this.... Hubby and I don't eat pumpkin pies! lol I know they are a holiday favorite among many and I thought it would be good to try my hand at it.... and I'm not talking partially homemade... I'm talking all the way from an orange pumpkin on my counter to a warm pie in my oven kind of pumpkin pie. And since I can't eat it and Hubby doesn't care much for it.... I brought one to the Doc I work for and another to the lady that owns a fitness center next door. Just don't tell her how much sugar is in that thing ok? ;) I wanted a true opinion and I knew I would get honesty from these two. They said they loved it! The Doc ate almost half of a pie this morning by himself... I may have to make another one so his lovely wife can try it. So apparently I can make a pretty good pumpkin pie... humph.

Is their something that you don't care much for but you still make it for others?


Kristi said...

The only thing I can say that I made is a pecan pie - once for Scott. He liked it. I never touched it (I just don't like pies)

Me said...

I love pumpkin pies!!! and custard pies, and pecan pies, and old timey lemon pies, and bread pudding :) I'm more of a pie girl than a cake girl any day! Why? Am I going to get one?! ;)

Graham Shenanigans said...

Well, my problem is opposite. I eat just about anything, and my whole family is VERY picky, even Wesley. I cannot stand to brown ground beef. I can't stand the smell of it cooking and my family LOVES it. Sometimes I have to bribe one of them to do while I step out!! I'm a bad momma, huh?

Tony and Susan said...

sounds yummy and sounds like lots of fun!! you're such a cool ymw!!

Heidi said...

How was everything???? Wild, crazy and lots of fun?

Kristy said...

Oooh. No, but that's because I like EVERYTHING! :)

Way to go on your first REAL pumpkin pie! I made real pumpkin bread before, but not pie.

Mmm. all this talk about pies...I need you to make me one too...OK?! :) (What's an extra pie when you have a whole pumpkin..) JK