Monday, December 15, 2008

Who needs a fish tank?

My mom sent me her 20 gal fish tank so I moved the seababies into a bigger home. They are greatful. Sticks, the sea urchin, is happy to have more room to roam. But this leaves me with a lonely 10 gal tank that needs a home. It is longing for water...... any takers. The tank (less than a year old) has a filter that is in great shape and I have a heater thats only a few months old. I used this tank for saltwater but it can be used for fresh water as well. This tank is great for beginners or those with small kids..... if you want to set it up as saltwater I will be more than happy to help and show you everything you will need. Any takers???ONLY $15 (the heater alone is $12.00 new).

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