Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Resolutions for 2009

1.) I want to do everything I can to better myself as a child of the King.
- read my bible more
- pray more

2.) I want to be a better wife.

3.) I want to be more compassionate.

4.) I want to learn how to give more of my problems over to the Lord.

5.) I want to loose the weight I have gained due to my disease.

6.) I want to finish my next semester of college (starts in Jan).

7.) I want to be able to pass the national exam to become an EMT (after my next semester).

8.) I want to start planning (by the end of the year) to extend our family.
- I want to stop thinking about if I can get prego. When the doc tells you your already at 50/50 its hard to not think "lets start trying now". I know that if God wants us to have our own baby we will, and if we can't then I hope to have the understanding that God wants us to raise someone Else's child in a christian home (which we are completely open to adoption).

9.) I want to be a stay at home wife (Jenny I admire you for this one) and to only work about one day a week as an EMT before we have a child (but if a child comes sooner than planned we will be completely HAPPY) :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Where are you.......


You have been missing for sometime now... I understand that you don't care much for your job, but you are very important to me. I know I don't give you enough credit and for that I am sorry. I will try to do better. From now on when I talk about how great Ms. Camera is, I will make sure to mention you as well. So will you come out of hiding........ PLEASE! I have looked high and low for you for about two months. I mean come on.... I understand you are a *tad* bit upset that Ms. New Camera has all the fun and you get crammed in some cold dark case until her energy has been depleted... then I expect you to come out of such cave and get your job done with no questions asked and not even so much as a thank you. Again, I'm sorry! So what about now, will you show yourself? Ms. Camera has an important job to do. Next week we will all be venturing to Disney World, if you will just come out of your wonderful hiding place. So what do you say???

OK so sweet talk didn't work...... bribing you with a wonderful trip didn't work...... I will be forced to play hard ball with you..... negotiations are over.................!

If you don't come out right this instant you will be replaced.... and I mean REPLACED, as in you will be out of a job and Ms. Camera will have a new companion! So what do you say now?

Oh there you are..... whats that you were not hiding?
Just misplaced?
You mean I put you there?
When we were at camp a few months back?
Well then, I am double sorry......
I will (try) not to loose you again ;)

Since I did not have my camera bag with me at the fall retreat.... I put my wonderful oh so helpful friend in my book bag that I used as my catch all bag (it has pens, paper, first aid kit, etc....)..... so yes Mrs. Camera you can blame me for your loneliness for the past few months..... but you can also be glad that I have returned your friend to you. *aaahhhhh.... its nice to once again take pictures.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Who needs a fish tank?

My mom sent me her 20 gal fish tank so I moved the seababies into a bigger home. They are greatful. Sticks, the sea urchin, is happy to have more room to roam. But this leaves me with a lonely 10 gal tank that needs a home. It is longing for water...... any takers. The tank (less than a year old) has a filter that is in great shape and I have a heater thats only a few months old. I used this tank for saltwater but it can be used for fresh water as well. This tank is great for beginners or those with small kids..... if you want to set it up as saltwater I will be more than happy to help and show you everything you will need. Any takers???ONLY $15 (the heater alone is $12.00 new).

Monday, December 8, 2008

Things about me.....

I was tagged by Jenny Maddox.

8 Shows That I Watch:- Jon & Kate Plus Eight (TLC), Whale Wars (Animal Planet), Storm Chasers (Discovery), Makeover home edition (CMT), Peoples Court, Judge Mathis (we watch these last two shows on our lunch break), 17 Kids and Counting (TLC), Anything on the Food Network or HGTV.

8 Favorite Restaurants:- Olive Garden, Shogun (for special occasions), Ding How, McAlisters, Chick-fil-a, Tend-a-Chick, Tropical Smoothie (its a healthier place to eat in the new Target shopping center and it has wonderful smoothies), Marchells (I think I spelled it right)

8 Things I did this weekend/week:- Leave for work at 6:40 am 4 days a week, Went to Wednesday bible class (I was teaching little ones the last quarter), Went to GA for a quick visit with Kristy, Brian, and Helen (and had a great time helping Kristy put up her Christmas tree), witnessed the baptism of one of our precious teenagers, heard of the baptism of another one of our wonderful teens, after waiting over a week I was finally able to put my sea babies in their new home (my mom sent me a bigger fish tank and stand that she was no longer using and you have to let the tank run for over a week before you can put your animals in it), got two amazing from the heart gifts from two special people (Lynne G. gave me one of her very own ornaments that she said reminded her of me when she got it out this year- it is one big seashell with other smaller sea shells and pearls on it and it reminds me of home! Jenny M- gave me a handcrafted ornament- it was a clear ball and it had a pink G on it with green polka dots... its was girlie and I loved it! Thank you for my treasured gifts!), we had the Maddox's over for dinner and I loved having them over and playing cars with the boys!

8 Things I Look Forward To:- Heaven, having children in our home, Disney World at Christmas time, being able to stay at home in the (hopefully) near future, when I get to stay at home I want to be able to be involved in the lives of the younger kids at church more and planning things for them, finishing school, paying off my car, Spending the rest of my life with the most amazing man on earth!

8 Things On My Wish List:- To be able to get pregnant in the future, to learn how to better deal with the many symptoms that come along with my disease, to be a better wife and daughter, to be able to home school our kids, to be a foster parent later on in life, to adopt a child in need, to show others Gods love just has my husband helped show me, to be open for the plan God has for my life and to succeed in that plan!

There are my 8 things and now I would like to tag:everyone that reads my blog.... just leave me a comment so I can be sure to read your list!

Friday, December 5, 2008


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Another GREAT month.....


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