Friday, March 20, 2009


Eric and I have been doing our best to stay on a budget and save money for a while. I have been really watching sales for my groceries and we use coupons to eat out to try and stay around our $15 eating out budget (per week). We usually do pretty good. I use the groceries as a challenge to stay in our budget and if we need anything extra like pool chemicals I have done good with fitting that in too! I love saving money and staying on a budget..... I just wanted to mention this for anyone thinking about saving and being on a budget..... I thought it would be hard and no fun, BUT I LOVE IT!

I just mentioned going on a date night and going to the movies thinking Eric may say no since it wasnt in our budget but since we have been doing so well he decided a break would be nice. SO IM GOING ON A DATE NIGHT! AND IM SO EXCITED. Its a much needed treat and im so glad to be spending time with my hubby..... (Jenny I think the last time I have went to the movies was when we went to see Twilight......)

You guys have a Great night while I finish out the last official day of Spring break with my hubby!

Oh and can I say yard work is no fun..... after a winter of not much yard work Eric and I are going to be in the yard tomorrow. However, I cant wait to have the pool swim worthy!!!!! But we are going to have a picnic out by the pool tomorrow for lunch.... how fun?!?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


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