Thursday, August 28, 2008

6 Random Things

I was tagged by my new found friend Susan......

6 Random things about me..... hmmmmmm

1.) I'm actually really shy.... and my hubby is my security blanket. When we are in large crowds it is best that I can at least see him (even if its at a distance).

2.) I am OCD about the weirdest things..... When taking notes I write all scribbly and usually in short hand (then I go back and write it all over again in the proper note taking way.... which helped me study in college).... this is actually the most normal of my OCD. My hubby points some of them out on a regular basis, I just cant think of any good ones right now.

3.) When people find out that I grew up at the beach they think I'm one way and are surprised to hear that mud riding and visiting the hunting camp are a way of life for this southern girl. (disclaimer: I like the hunting camp not hunting.... I have only dove hunted once and I don't mind that but killing a cute deer is something I cant do.... I enjoy others hunting and all the cool gear... and I do own camo.... which is fun to wear....)

4.) I enjoyed growing up at the beach..... I love boats and fishing (even though I didn't do it as much as I would have liked).

5.) I have delegation issues..... (which you could also call control issues). I'm the girl that likes to do it all herself. Even though it's exhausting! I have gotten better at delegating but my hubby says I have a lot to learn.... he is a great delegater (but I think most men are lol). I just like the security of knowing that if I do it everything will match and so on....

6.) I started college my senior year of high school..... yeah I know you are thinking ....... WHAT A NERD! My senior year I went to high school half a day and to the community college up the road half a day..... but guess what.... college teachers don't want to be at school 5 days a week so we only went like 2 or 3 days and well the beach was just a mile down the road for those other few days.... lol So NERD... no way.....

I tag....
Brandi Gray

Have fun..... and leave me a comment to let me know when you are done!

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Lynne Griffies said...

I always like reading these random things about people. I am always surprised by some of the things--and I am so surprised to hear that you are actually shy. I would never have thought that about you. But I am actually very shy myself and people do not think so. I guess we are just good at hiding it, huh? :)

kari and kijsa said...

Fun facts!
Thank you for all your prayers and blessings!
Have a wonderful Labor Day,
kari & kijsa

Lynne Griffies said...

Well, I just finished my "6 Random Things" about myself. I thought at first that it would be hard to come up with 6 things, but it actually was not hard at all. Thanks for tagging me.

Tony and Susan said...

YAY! thanks for playing! i am very shy too (i definately don't have the talent of small talk!) but i try to fake it since i'm the ymw! and i definatley have problems of delegation, too! would MUCH rather do it myself...which is something i have gotten a little better at chasing around 2 babies! definately need help with that one! and i definately used the word "definately" too many times in this comment and i'm not even sure i spelled it right!!