Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Its way to early.....

to be awake!

I was up several times in the night and finally I was wide awake and couldn't get comfortable. So for the sake of The Hubsters I removed myself from the bedroom and made my way to the couch. For the last hour and a half I have surfed the web and watch 18 Kids and Counting on TLC. I would get some work done but that means noise and the slightest noise means the puppies will be awake and in no way am I dealing with them because their nails on the hardwood floors will wake up the snoozing Hubsters.

I guess this lack of sleep and restlessness is to be expected with only 9 or 10 weeks left.... thats right I said 9 OR 10. Im due in 10 weeks on December 28 however, we went for our checkup at the doctors office today and we discussed an induction. With it being around the holidays and most of our families being so far away the doctor thought that an induction would be best all around and most importantly we would be able to spend Christmas at home with our wonderful baby. Now this induction is not a guarantee but it is most likely. I will go to my doctor a few days before and she will check to make sure that my body is getting ready for the birth and as long as I fall into a few guidelines for a non medical reason induction then all will be great for Monday Dec. 21! However, she can always come earlier and throw us all for a loop... :)

I have gained 5 lbs total! That is correct 5 Lbs... but according to the measurements Kenley is growing as scheduled which is wonderful news. The doctor says I will be smaller when I leave the hospital than I was before I got pregnant... pretty cool huh? And before you ask... yes I eat. But at 30 weeks Im still sick most every morning and if not in the morning then sometime during the day. So I don't eat until lunch usually unless I'm having a decent morning (which happens every once in a blue moon) and I still have days where I'm sick all day. I can't wait to wake up and be normal again :)

Well, the nursery is coming along great and the house is getting put together slowly but surely. I mean its livable just not fully decorated and the guestroom/office area is not completely organized... but Im working on it. I actually worked on it a good bit tonight which is another reason why I don't understand why I couldn't sleep. We had a long day and I should be sleeping like a baby lol OH WELL.... guess that means nap time comes sooner today. I have not been napping that much during the day so I will be able to sleep better at night but that may be changing soon! I also still have a small cough that has decided to hang around. I had pnemonia a few weeks ago and the cough is just here... but it better not be to stay. It needs to pack its bags and be out soon, it has overstayed its welcome!

All in all we are doing great and Eric can't wait for December to get here. He has been so wonderful and understanding. He never complains and is always so great at helping me to get going in the mornings. He has been so busy but has made sure to help me around the house (while I worked on the guest room tonight he gave our bathroom a much needed scrub down which was such a big help bc moving around in the shower was getting hard to do and I have not been able to lean over the jacuzzi tub for a while now). Last week Eric was voted in as the new treasurer for the camp we take the kids to every summer... and he has been working on getting that stuff together this week. Moving all the records to his office and figuring out the best way to pay bills and all that. Since Im at home now and he has that to do I may take back the job of paying our bills and dealing with the check book (yuck) we will see :) Eric also reads to the baby and talks to her. It's so cute!

Well, the sun is coming up and soon Eric and the puppies will be up too... maybe I'll make him breakfast... we will see if my tummy allows the smell of food this morning or not.