Friday, October 3, 2008

~ About ME~

7 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die

1. Become a better and stronger Christian each and everyday!
2. Go on a mission trip out of the country
3. Be comfortable holding bible studies with others and do them all the time
4. Have children
5. Be a season ticket holder for THE ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE (football)
6. Go to N.Y. and see a play
7. Become a paramedic so I can make a difference in peoples lives!

7 Things I Do Now

1. Spend time with the Youth Group
2. Sit and watch a bowl of water (that's what hubby calls my saltwater tank)
3. Love on our babies (our dogs) and talk to them like they understand me lol
4. Remodeling my home
5. sell partylite (I love burning candles in my home all the time)
6. Work in a doctors office

7 Things I Can't Do

1. Cut grass (I have just never done this. I do other yard work like trim hedges and pull weeds)
2. Not get my feeling hurt
3. Control my OCD all the time
4. Understand how people can be so hateful and rude and lie
5. Whistle
6. Sing -I love to sing and wish I could but unfortunately when I try ..... :(
7. Drive past a homeless person (someone who really looks like they need help) and not try to do something for them.

7 Things That Attract Me To My Hubby

He has a strong christian faith
He is a servant to others
His personality & compassion
His simplicity taht makes him so complex
His eyes
He knows how to have fun

7 Things That I Say Most

2. Huh?
3. I don't know? ~I say this sometimes when people ask me about something we are doing with the kids b/c my hubby is a little forgetful and doesn't remember to tell me or he changes the times of things and doesn't tell me ;)
4. Sure ~ I will volunteer for most anything.
5. How are you today? ~When I greet each of the patients when they walk in.
6. What day woul dyou like to come back on ___ or ____?~ When I check each patient out.
7. Millbrook Family Chiropractic, this is Haley, how can I help you? ~ I say this so much when I answer the phone at work that I have to remind myself not to say it when I answer at home.... sometimes I forget though.... lol

7 Celebrities That I Admire

Any of them that can be a celebrity and still be a good person.... and any of them that have good clean movies..... (Im not good with celebrity names off the top of my head....)

7 Favorite Foods

1. Hamburger helper
2. Poppyseed chicken casseroll
3. Just about anything pasta
5. Cheese cake
6. Homemade smashed potatoes
7. SUSHI (I could eat it all day everyday!)

7 People Who Need To Do This
Everyone! Just let me know when you are finished so I will be sure and check it out!


Lynne Griffies said...

I will do the "About Me" later, but wanted to say that I hope y'all have lots of fun tomorrow. It would have be great to ride with you and Nancy, but alas, I have to work.

Kristi said...

Hi Haley - thanks so much for coming and for the gifts for everyone. That was so thoughtful! I wish you nothing but peace and happiness where children are concerned. And, I'm so glad to have a small connection to Macon through you!

Melissa Lester said...

It was so nice to meet you today at our blogger's lunch. You were so sweet to bring us all a favor. The girls and I are thrilled with our candles, buckets and candies. What sweet treats! Thank you! I hope we'll see you again soon!

Me said...

I love learning more about you. Wasn't this afternoon fun?! And Ian was heartbroken when Jenny leaned in to hug him tonight and she bent his candle cup :( She let him have one I gave her, though, but he HAD to have his blue candle back :) Hope your Sunday is a restful one!

Lynne Griffies said...

I finally did my '7 Things' post--check it out on my blog.

Heidi said...

Today was much better, thanks...

By the way, I had no idea they made candy corn kisses. Those were yummy.