Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Praying is a must!

When you are going on about your life praying daily is a must!

You are traveling down a road and everything seems to be going great. Then you come to a fork in the road. You stop and take a look. Then you decide what road is for you. You begin traveling down what seems to be a great path..... then things start to happen and you get through them. Then more struggles creep in. Somedays it seems to hard to bear. You stop and think, What in the world. Then you realize that you chose that path and didn't stop to ask God what way he would have you go. So you stop and pray and realize that you should have taken the other path. God helps you along the road back to where you started. You are reminded of the things that have happened and you must once again deal with them. Just because you tell God your sorry doesn't mean that everything goes away. Sometimes their are consequences that you must endure. However, you make it back to that fork in the road. You pray to God and ask for forgiveness and pray that he will help you and guide you along the path that he has chosen for you.
You begin down this road and although it seems hard and sometimes you stumble remember to pray and to ask God to pick you up and dust you off. As you walk down this road if you talk to God he reminds you that its all worth it in the end!

Some days may seem to be a battle but if you talk to God daily he will help you through your struggles. Look to God.... Who made heaven and earth. (see one of my favorite scriptures posted to the right of this page)

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Tony and Susan said...

yeh, i think i've done that one several times. thanks for sharing and thanks for the reminder! i hope your path starts going smoothly!