Tuesday, May 12, 2009

WE ARE PREGNANT! and other updates

We have been trying for several months and had decided that this may not be the way for us. We had decided that we would not do fertility treatments and that we would put that money towards an adoption in the next year or so...... and then we officially found out that we are pregnant yesterday (Monday, May 11) although we had known for a little over a week. God works in his own time and at his own pace..... he was working in our lives and making sure things were right before he gave us this incredible blessing..... we will have a December baby and can't wait. I have been told by a few people at Church that with us moving away I will have to update the blog often. I think I can do that. :) We are overwhelmed and overjoyed this week with all that is happening and we look forward to our adventure together! ***Oh and as some of you know I have been sick for about two weeks now. I'm sick most all day (I'll spare you the details) but I really don't feel good or feel like eating till about 6pm. I try to eat lunch but I usually just make myself nibble and then eat my dinner. BUT the doctor was so kind (and I think she felt so bad for me) that she gave me some meds for the sickness. I'm not a medication person so I'm not going to take it everyday..... just on really bad days or days we have a lot to do..... I will also be taking it during camp! lol But I have told Eric and a few others that I will gladly deal with this sickness if it means we have a little one inside growing!

As many of you know we were asked to work with a congregation in Mobile..... after weeks of talking and many prayers we decided that God was sending us in this direction. Too many things had worked out for it not to be Gods plan. It was hard to decide to leave Prattville..... those girls mean the world to me and helped me in my life more than they will ever know. Their are some that I will have life long friendships with and look forward to the future with them in it. Their are wonderful parents who care so much for their children and also care for us. But in the end we knew we should move to Mobile. Creekwood (the church we will be at) is another amazing congregation with wonderful people. Although its hard to leave here we look forward to our work there. We pray that Prattville finds a youth minister (and a youth ministers wife) that wants to work with these kids as much as we do..... who will love them as much as we do..... and care for their lives as much as we do.

Also, we got an offer on our house yesterday (yes the same day we officially found out we were pregnant)..... talk about a GREAT day! We did not accept their offer and we countered back with a good compromise for us all. We are waiting to hear something today.

************Oh and I forgot about graduation...... I graduated from EMT school this past Friday! It was a long hard class and I studied a lot.... I was happy to have the highest grade in class! AND my little brother graduates high school next Monday! Then in August he leaves for boot camp for the ARMY! He has made me very proud!


Amanda Mae said...

What wonderful news! I am so happy for you guys!! We will all be looking forward to more updates :o)

Jenny said...

So excited for you guys! Congratulations!

Nancy said...

we are so excited and happy for you and Eric! and yes, you may be gone from sight but not our hearts, girl. The shoes you and Eric leave will be hard to fill! Keep this blog updated :)

Tony and Susan said...

i LOVE that this post is right after the other one! we are so happy for you guys!

The Anderson Family said...

This is all wonderful news Haley!!! I am SO EXCITED for you!! Congrats on graduating from EMT school too! I bet you are glad to be moving back to Mobile so you can be closer to your family too. Sounds like God is really blessing you guys! Keep in touch, I can't wait to read all about this little baby!

Graham Shenanigans said...

Oh, girl, I am sooo happy for yall, on all accounts!! The baby, the house, the move, the graduation!!

I have told you before my situation is a little different than yours but the adoption process is long and hard, and waiting for God's perfect timing is NOT easy sometimes.

But in the end, He prevails and we are better people because of it.

Praise God for all of your wonderful news!!