Friday, March 20, 2009


Eric and I have been doing our best to stay on a budget and save money for a while. I have been really watching sales for my groceries and we use coupons to eat out to try and stay around our $15 eating out budget (per week). We usually do pretty good. I use the groceries as a challenge to stay in our budget and if we need anything extra like pool chemicals I have done good with fitting that in too! I love saving money and staying on a budget..... I just wanted to mention this for anyone thinking about saving and being on a budget..... I thought it would be hard and no fun, BUT I LOVE IT!

I just mentioned going on a date night and going to the movies thinking Eric may say no since it wasnt in our budget but since we have been doing so well he decided a break would be nice. SO IM GOING ON A DATE NIGHT! AND IM SO EXCITED. Its a much needed treat and im so glad to be spending time with my hubby..... (Jenny I think the last time I have went to the movies was when we went to see Twilight......)

You guys have a Great night while I finish out the last official day of Spring break with my hubby!

Oh and can I say yard work is no fun..... after a winter of not much yard work Eric and I are going to be in the yard tomorrow. However, I cant wait to have the pool swim worthy!!!!! But we are going to have a picnic out by the pool tomorrow for lunch.... how fun?!?


Jenny said...

You may want to check out - they do all of the grocery store research for you...

Hope y'all had a great night!

Kristen said...

I just started getting into couponing. I've been having a hard time finding coupons for things that we usually buy, so I only had one coupon on our last grocery trip that saved me 50 cents, lol. I guess it's better that nothing! I use because it's free, but I've heard great things about too. Also if you haven't already check out - I love her method of organizing coupons!

Nancy said...

these 'lean years' will be some of your best years :) I wish John and I had done more of the saving bit when we were first married and not gotten entangled in the 'having toys' stage. Avoid that. Live within your means. Make sacrafices. And love, love, love~