Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dont count me out yet girls!

You know its bad when your husband tells you that you are a bad blogger!

I had good intentions at Christmas but I was so crazy I could have been put in the nut house..... you know the ones with the padded walls. We made it through but I had to sacrifice a few things so my husband wouldn't admit me! Sorry girls, I just had to put the blogging aside. I had so much to blog about I got a little bummed that I didn't get to show you pics from our Disney World Christmas, our home at Christmas time, pictures from Exposure (youth camp right after Christmas) or our New Years Eve Bash! So I decided that I would show you guys anyways! I know I know its a little late for the Christmas pictures but BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!

Here are some pictures from Exposure!

Exposure= Fun filled few days between Christmas and New Years, when about 950 people get together and learn more about our wonderful and amazing God. Last year Eric was asked to be on the executive committee for Exposure and it was such an honor for him.... I'm pretty sure he is the youngest by far :)

Because its right after Christmas we are only able to take a few but the ones that could come had a blast!

How cute! They're twins!

Some are fighting others are smelling their armpits! ;)

Because of the dates of Exposure, as long as he is in the youth group, Andrew will always have his birthday with us in a wonderful hotel room full of people who love him! I cant find my picture of the cake but trust me their was one!

One of the nights we are their Faulkner buys tickets for everyone to watch the Huntsville Havoc (professional hockey team). Their arena shares the same parking lot with our hotel so its a great way to have fun. We teach the kids to love one another and then we go see a hockey game!

This is Mrs. Leslie! She is from the Summerdale congregation (which is close to where Eric and I was before Prattville) and their church goes to one of the weeks Eric directs at camp. I don't think I could ever laugh as hard as I do at Mrs. Leslie, Tracy (their minister), and Tom (their youth minister). We are really blessed with wonderful and fun people for our week at camp.

This last picture is of a screen with our theme for the weekend.

212 degrees- One degree makes all the difference. At 211 degrees water is really HOT.... but when it changes to 212 degrees it BOILS. The teens learned that going the extra mile can make all the difference in their walk with Christ and it can make the difference in other peoples lives as well. Pretty good theme huh?

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