Sunday, August 23, 2009

sinus infection + pregnant= really sick

On Monday we moved into our new house! YAY (That post will come soon.... when I start feeling better and can decorate and take pics)..... so on Monday I started feeling bad. I thought I was just tired form a long day but Tuesday I woke up with a sore throat! YACK! As the day went on I began to feel worse and nose started running.... DOUBLE YACK! Wednesday I spent all day in bed.... with the occasional visit to get sick. Wednesday Eric came home from church and told me that he knew of at least 4 kids at church that had the flu and one being swine flu. So first thing the next morning my hubby helped me get ready for the doctor and drove me there. After 2 hours I found out that I only had a sinus infection (a really bad one). By Friday I was sick to my stomach all day and today I have not left the couch because my tummy hurts.... I guess when your pregnant its harder to get over a bad sinus infection. :( oh and this cough will be the death of me.....

On to a brighter note:

Kenley has been kicking me like crazy. I feel her a lot and Eric can feel her all the time too! Yesterday she kicked me so hard that she moved my arm that was laying over my belly. I had a visit with the baby doctor last Thursday as well.... I have officially gotten back to my pre-pregnancy weight. :) The doctor is not really happy at the fact that I have not really gained anything but what can I do when I cant get rid of the pregnancy sickness, but she is not real concerned since Kenley is growing on schedule. So all is well with the baby... even though mommy is under the weather.

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